The swim comprises of one lap of 750 m, beginning and ending in Quay 6 in the V&A Waterfront.


The cycle comprises of one lap of 4.8 km followed by four laps of 3.8 km. The cycle will start at Transition 1, Quay 6, V&A Waterfront.

Out of transition and left into Dock Road, turning right at the Granger Bay Boulevard roundabout onto Beach Road. Cycle along Beach Road until you get to Turning Point 1 before the Mouille Point lighthouse, returning back a long Beach Road and a right turn onto Fritz Sonnenburg Road. From this point follow the same routes as before back to the Stadium Forecourt for completion of Lap 1 (which is 4,8 km). On completion of a further four laps of 3.8 km, you will enter Transition 2 (located outside the stadium, on the Stadium Forecourt) where you will start your run.


The run comprises of two laps of 2.5 km ending on the Stadium Forecourt. The run starts at Transition 2, exiting the Stadium Forecourt, down to the city cycle path and right across Vlei Road and into the Green Point Urban Park. Upon reaching Turning Point 2, you will return on the same course in the park, then exit the park down the cycle path to the underpass. Here you turn right around the underpass circle and up and onto the paved forecourt area of the stadium. Then right and a quick left doubling back through Transition 2 and the grand stands. Upon completion of two laps, you will do a final sprint just past the Transition 2 to reach the finish line.

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